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2020 - 2021 Season of Choral Enrichment

Join the GMChorale on the nights of January 11, 19, and 26 for a three-part January Speaker Series: Diversity in Song.  Each night will feature a different choral artist presenting on the diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in choral music today.

A Transformative Journey Through Song: Michael Brown
Monday January 11, 2021, 7:00-8:15 pm

Michael Brown, a singer, songwriter, gospel musician, and choir director will lead viewers on a transformative journey that is as much about introspection, spirituality, and human connection as it is about gospel songs. Twenty years ago Michael moved to the northwestern corner of Connecticut where his charismatic leadership has established a proliferation of gospel choirs at Sacred Hart University, Hotchkiss, Salisbury, Westover, Taft and South Kent Schools and at several churches. Be ready to sing, clap, laugh, cry, and be inspired by one of today’s most extraordinary gospel musicians!


Raising Inclusivity Through Song: Leora Zimmer and Jennifer Wry
Tuesday January 19, 2021, 7:00-8:15 pm

Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Boston’s dynamic women’s chorus, Voices Rising, Leora Zimmer will present the chorus’ principles of community, inclusivity, activism, and education. Voices Rising sing together to give voice to the lives of women, identities and beliefs, and to celebrate the diverse LGBTQ community. Learn how they contribute to the growing tradition of women’s choral movement through their joy and solidarity. Partake in the conversation about a journey of a caring, inclusive community for women and engage with the music they sing.


The Multi-Cultural Song: Nick Page
Tuesday January 26, 2021, 7:00-8:15pm

Nick Page is internationally celebrated as a beloved composer, song leader, author, and conductor in the choral world with over 100 published choral works. His children’s opera premiered at New York City’s Lincoln Center, and he has conducted his works at Carnegie Hall. With a lifetime of experience conducting both children’s and adult choirs, Nick persuasively gets his audiences singing along. His three books on music include his popular guide to leading multi-cultural song, Sing and Shine On. Nick draws on the music of many cultures, looking for their universal powers while honoring their differences. You will tap your toes and clap your hands as Nick leads us in song and celebration, providing a joyful “finale” to GMChorale’s January Speaker Series.


Diversity in Song is generously sponsored by:

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